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i_unique's Journal

Unique Icons
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This is an icon community for original icons. Example:

All icons were created using only the tools image editing programs provide (brushes, shaping tools, etc.). If you have to click File-->Open then it probably isn't original. Original is where you click File-->New and create any type of icon you like using tools instead of images. For the example above I used text and brushes. Filters are most definitely acceptable. ^^

1. All icons must be original. (Any doubts/questions feel free to ask).
2. Icons MUST be usable on LJ. (No larger than 40k 100x100, however the size may be smaller than 100x100).
3. No stealing of the icons unless the user permits it.

At this point in time, I am the only mod. This may change or may stay the same.

Email: happylilslasher@gmail.com (<-- send all questions/concerns/ideas to this email)

Have fun. ^_^


Just drop a comment if you'd like me to add you to the list! ^^